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Welcome to Waunakee Intermediate School!

Welcome to our learning community at Waunakee Intermediate School.  We are honored to serve our students, staff, and families as the building administrators and are privileged to share this beautiful building with the community of Waunakee.

At our school, we work hard to create an experience for students which prioritizes our commitment to a student-centered environment that aims to meet the unique academic and social-emotional needs of our learners. In classrooms, visitors can expect to see engaging and thoughtful lessons being taught by teachers who have high academic expectations and are prepared to help all students achieve their best. Students' social interactions get to partake in a range of academic activities that tap into their critical thinking skills and refine their partnership skills. Our teachers model this as well when they work together in their Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) during their weekly collaboration time. PLC time allows teachers to work together to ensure all students continue to learn and grow. 

At the Intermediate school, we also prioritize creating strong connections with students based on mutual respect and a genuine care and concern for each other. You won’t have to look far to see students engaging in activities meant to strengthen relationships with staff and peers through collaboration and conversation. 

These words embody the skills and characteristics we strive to exhibit on a daily basis. We review these words weekly with our student body as part of our pursuit of academic excellence and continued character development. 

We welcome your family and potential new families to come to experience our school and learning community. Please feel free to reach out to our school office to set up a tour of our school.


Timothy Mommaerts, Principal
Phone: (608) 849-2176

Lindsey Laufenberg, Associate Principal
Phone: (608) 849-2176

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